Keys to My Transformation

By Carina


I have pondered again on the subject on Keys to Transformation and I must say that the teaching is enlightening.

What I gathered from the 2 days workshop is that the Holy Spirit works in and through us in wondrous ways.

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I Met God, the Healer & Deliverer

By M – 2015 EHM participant


It’s really a day-to-day journey of discovering who I am in Him and who He is to me. It’s a life long journey. I realized much more so last year, that for a very long time, I have believed many lies about myself. So many lies that I didn’t know I was believing and didn’t know I was living out. Thanks to Elijah House, the different seminars, the people that God had divinely brought into my life and the very precious moments I had with Him when I sat at His feet and rested in Him.

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Healed from Trauma

by Doh Mee Yuen

While at EH Residential School, I got a flashback of a bad fall at school when I was in Std 1. As my friend and I were running to the toilet, I fell and knocked the right side of my head against a pillar. It was such a hard knock that my head throbbed with pain throughout that day.

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From a Heart of Stone to a Heart of Flesh

by WL

I have achieved success in both my career and marriage and yet, they do not satisfy me. I was rarely at rest, depressed, edgy, and anxious and at times seem to be gripped by fear. I no longer know who I am. It also eludes me as to why as a Christian with many years of walk to with God, I can’t bring myself to accept in my heart what I know in my mind that God loves me, unconditionally.

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Released from Bitter Root Judgement Against Abusive Brother

by JO

Bitter Root Judgment – My Abusive Brother

Before signing up for Basic School 1, I told the Lord that I would like to have an inward and outward transformation. I had a picture of an ugly caterpillar which would soon become a beautiful butterfly, and I knew that through these seminars, God would work that transformation in me.

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