Keys to My Transformation

By Carina


I have pondered again on the subject on Keys to Transformation and I must say that the teaching is enlightening.

What I gathered from the 2 days workshop is that the Holy Spirit works in and through us in wondrous ways.

1st it allows us to remember things of the past.

2nd it gives us a choice to either continue in our ways or confess, repent and forgive.

3rd it gives us the opportunity to move deeper in Him if we are open to His leading.

Finally, what impressed upon me personally is that the realization of the “Spirit-man” in us, who is alive and knows what is happening in our life from the moment of conception.

I believe that once we acknowledge the Holy Spirit of God, He will work in and through our “spirit-man” to align us with what God has in mind for us, we need to discern and have the willingness to go through life with the wisdom He puts in our heart. That was my most amazing revelation from the time at Elijah House.


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