Trusting God for Inner Healing

By sunflower


I heard about Elijah House (EH) after I was saved in SIBKL in August 2008.  Upon hearing there will be sharing session within the small group, I felt ashamed to do so.

Through some encouragement and prayer and to cut the long story short, I finally signed up ‘Keys to Transformation on 7-8 November 2014 and learnt about foundational lies, inner vows and bitter fruit / root.

After attending the seminar, I fell into depression for two weeks.  I felt so sinful as I realized I have sinned against God and felt so ashamed.  I felt like dying every day.  After much prayer and encouragement from friends on the last few days of Dec 2014, I committed to open my heart to God and surrender my life to Him by signing up for the EH School in 2015 for Him to do a deep work within me.  As I am also serving in few ministries, I have to ensure I have the right attitude and posture when serving Him.  Hence, I have to trust Him for inner healing through EH to have a transformed life and be able to be a blessing to others.

By the grace of God, I am glad that I have made the right choice by trusting God as I could see breakthrough in my life through the EH School 201 lessons and the small group ministry time.  What spoke to me the most was “Parental Inversion” session.  I thought I was great in helping my parents and I didn’t realize, it has been out of a sinful response. Other lessons that also spoke to me were “Burden Bearing”,” Trauma” and “Reconciliation”.

I sincerely thank EH, Rev. Nancy, Mei Lin and the facilitators for their hearts to be prayer ministers to reach out to my brokenness, to pray and minister to me.

I pray that more will come to EH for inner healing and transformation.

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