Restoring Relationships

By A

In 2017, I enrolled myself in an Elijah House course because I was very tired of my bitterness towards my mom. I was also caught in this dilemma of both loving and hating her at the same time. I tried uncountable times to accept her with own effort, but deep in my heart, I knew it was ‘fake’ because I still judged her. But each time I saw her sharing up her issues with her friends, I felt relieved of my judgement.

The teaching in the EH course opened my eyes to see my own sins. During the small group ministry, I repented of my sins and my bitter root judgment against my mother, and the prayer minister led me to put the bad root and structure on the cross. I didn’t fully know what was going on, but still prayed out of obedience. A week later in the next small group session, when the prayer minister asked us about our week, it was only then I realised I no longer had the bitter feelings towards my mom for the past week. It was amazing! My heart had changed! For the very first time, I experienced the power of the cross (previously it was only head knowledge).

Now, three years later, my relationship with my mom is getting better. What joy it is to be able to chit chat with my mom like a friend without any bitterness!

All glory to God!

Restoration of Self

I was constantly in panic when I had to do things in a rush. I thought it was normal. In 2018 during the Elijah House School, during the small group session, I burst into tears when asked to share about my relationship with my husband. I was shocked because I thought my marriage was very good and that I have a caring husband.

I didn’t know I was in denial, and that I had suppressed all my pain and fears in my heart. As a result, I was always in a panic mode, trying to figure out how to please him. Concurrently, I lost the sense of who I am. It also caused short-term memory loss.

God is so real. He healed me and brought me through the journey of rediscovering who I am. It was a frightening process. In the restoration of my true self, I had to learn to say no and to build new structures. But His strength and courage were so tangible all the way.

Now in 2020, my short-term memory is restored, and my relationship with my husband has surprisingly grown better.

Above all, the joy of living out who God created me to be is so great. Nevertheless, I know it a progressive journey: the restoration of self is still ongoing and I am looking forward to how God is transforming me.

All glory to Him who created me, and who knows me best.

Thank You, God for Your mercy and grace!

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