Residentials 1 & 2

The Residential Schools are suitable for outstation, overseas or participants who are unable to attend the weekly Schools in the Ara Damansara Prayer House. From 2020 onwards, there is a restructure of the courses and there will only be two Residential Schools but still covering all topics (where previously there were three residential schools).

Updated Residential Schools structure (from 2020 onwards, see under Pre-requisite below)

2021 Intake

Due to the unpredictability of the Covid pandemic, we will not be offering the Residential Schools in 2021; however, you are welcome to register for our online School 201 and 202, which are similar to the Residential School.

Both School 201 and 202 will be offered online via the Zoom application. Unlike the Residential Schools, they will not be held over the course of 7-8 consecutive days, but over a stretch of 7-8 weekends. Please see the schedule for more details.


From 2020, we have re structured our Residential Schools, and compressed the previous three Residential Schools into the present arrangement of only two: Residential 1 and Residential 2. Therefore, we no longer have three Residential School, but only two. Those who have completed Residential 1 School from 2017 onwards, can come for the newly restructured Residential 2.


List of Residential 1 Topics

  • Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
  • Bitter Judgments and Expectancies
  • Ministry Tools # 1 – The Simplest Tools
  • Inner Vows
  • Foundational Lies
  • Heart and Mind
  • Ministry Tools # 2 – Following the Holy Spirit
  • Bitter Fruits
  • Ministry Tools # 3 – Interviewing
  • Accomplishing Forgiveness
  • Repentance and Restitution
  • Rightly Expressing Emotions
  • Honoring Father and Mother – Resurrection Side of Healing
  • Unmet Needs
  • Shame
  • Praying to Release Trauma
  • Burden Bearing
  • Deliverance and Inner Healing
  • Performance Orientation
  • Parental Inversion
  • Reconciling with God – Healing Spiritual Rebellion
  • How We See God
  • Common Errors in Prayer Ministry
  • Sealing our Healing
  • Reconciliation

List of Residential 2 Topics

  • Restoring Childhood Foundations
  • Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues: Part One
  • Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues: Part Two
  • Identifications of Love
  • Denial
  • Profile of an Abuser
  • Healing The Sexually Abused
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Generational Sin
  • Healing the Effects of Occult Involvement
  • Sexual Addictions
  • Depression
  • Fractured Heart and Relationships
  • Unresolved Grief
  • Homosexuality
  • Spiritual Adultery
  • Sources of Sexual Abuse
  • Burnout
  • Safe Relationships in Ministry
  • Cutting Free
  • Care and Feeding of the Spirit
  • Healing the Hearts of Our Children

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