School of Prayer Ministry – Residential 1, 2 & 3

The Residential School Levels 1, 2 and 3 is mainly for outstation, overseas or any participants who are unable to attend our regular Schools. Similar to the 201 & 202 Schools, the Residential School was designed to impart the “Keys of Knowledge”, opening the heart to receive truth, renewing the mind, resulting in life transformation through Christ. The goals of Elijah House Prayer Ministry School are:

  • To provide a safe setting for building relationships, learning, and putting ministry into practice
  • To provide Scriptural foundation for Christ-centered Inner Healing (Sanctification and Transformation)
  • To offer students the opportunity to experience personal healing through small group ministry with their peers
  • To teach, model, and provide opportunity to practice ministry to one another according to the Word of God and in the power and sensitivity of Christ through the Holy Spirit

Residential Level 1

  • Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
  • Bitter Judgments and Expectancies
  • Ministry Tools # 1 – The Simplest Tools
  • Inner Vows
  • Foundational Lies
  • Heart and Mind
  • Ministry Tools # 2 – Following the Holy Spirit
  • Bitter Fruits
  • Ministry Tools # 3 – Interviewing
  • Accomplishing Forgiveness
  • Repentance and Restitution
  • Rightly Expressing Emotions
  • Honoring Father and Mother – Resurrection Side of Healing
  • Unmet Needs
  • Shame
  • Praying to Release Trauma

Residential Level 2

  • Burden Bearing
  • Deliverance and Inner Healing
  • Performance Orientation
  • Parental Inversion
  • Reconciling with God – Healing Spiritual Rebellion
  • How We See God
  • Common Errors in Prayer Ministry
  • Sealing our Healing
  • Reconciliation
  • Restoring Childhood Foundations
  • Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues: Part One
  • Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues: Part Two
  • Identifications of Love
  • Denial
  • Profile of an Abuser
  • Healing The Sexually Abused

Residential Level 3

  • Emotional Abuse
  • Generational Sin
  • Healing the Effects of Occult Involvement
  • Sexual Addictions
  • Depression
  • Fractured Heart and Relationships
  • Unresolved Grief
  • Homosexuality
  • Spiritual Adultery
  • Sources of Sexual Abuse
  • Burnout
  • Safe Relationships in Ministry
  • Cutting Free
  • Care and Feeding of the Spirit
  • Healing the Hearts of Our Children

Completed the preceding Level of Residential School (eg. completed Residential 1 to enrol for Residential 2).There is NO pre-requisite course to join Residential 1.

 2019 Intake

Residential Level 1 – FULL (to be placed on Waiting List)

Date: 26 April – 1 May 2019 (Friday to Wednesday)
Venue: Villa Dominic, Genting View (Pahang, Malaysia)

Course fees per pax (inclusive of coursebook, accommodation & all meals)

  • Dormitory(spacious; occupying the lower bunks only) : RM690
  • Twin-sharing room (very limited; for couples only): RM870
  • Own accommodation (but all meals included): RM540

Pre-requisite: None

To sign up, please fill in Registration Form


Residential Level 2 – AMENDED dates!!

Dates: 24 – 29 October 2019 (Thursday to Tuesday)
*** please take note that they were previously advertised as 7 – 12 August 2019

Venue: Palal Haven, Pajam (Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia)

Course fees per pax (inclusive of coursebook, accommodation & all meals)

  • Dormitory: RM850
  • Twin-sharing room: RM1,050
  • Triple-sharing room: RM950

Pre-requisite: Completed Residential 1 or 201 School

Registration to open in March 2019


Residential Level 3

No Residential 3 in 2019. The next one will be held in 2020.


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