Newsletter Dec 2009

Greetings from Elijah House Malaysia.  We wish each one of you a Blessed & Joyous Christmas.

Time passes so quickly.  In 2010 we will be entering into the 10th year of EH ministry.

Highlights of Elijah House Malaysia 2009

1. February 2009  – Our First Keys To Transformation Seminar in Penang Baptist Church

Penang is an island about 4 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur. We were encouraged that three of their pastors ( including the Senior pastor and wife) attended the
seminar. As a result the church will be hosting ‘Healing Trauma’ seminar in March 2010 by Sandra Sellmar .

2. March 2009 – EH first full time staff – Hannah Yong ( Sabah, East Malaysia)

Sabah is on the island of Borneo. She has served as a PA of a pastor in a Church, for the past 7 years. Her portfolio is to help us with the administration & accounts. She has been to Ellel course in England and is interested to be trained in EH prayer counseling. Hannah hopes to start EH ministry in Sabah. She took a great step of Faith in coming to serve in EH Malaysia : as her monthly salary is not guaranteed. But God is faithful in providing.

3. July 2009 – God’s Amazing Providence – Another House .

The present Prayer House is like an office as we conduct all EH seminars, training and counseling sessions here. God knows my needs, to have our own home to relax
after work. On 23 July 09 we ( Mei Lin & myself) shifted to this present house which is in 3 minutes walk from the Prayer House.

4. August 2009 – Seven of us went to Kunming, China for 15 days

We were invited by F (a local) to conduct the Keys To Transformation Seminar . F is a registered counselor and she has mentored a group of people.

F has read all the books by John & Paula Sanford (founder of Elijah House USA) but have not attended any of the seminar. Only 3 of us are fluent in Mandarin, yet God’s work was not hindered by the language barrier. We also took the opportunity to conduct the seminar to a group of Missionaries ( from 7 nations) serving in Kunming. One of the participants was a psychiatrist. His testimony was, ‘the doctors treat the symptoms , prayer counseling goes to the roots’. We have been invited to go there every 4 months to train them. We do need laborers who are proficient in Mandarin and prayer counseling and willing to go.

5. 24 September 2009 -Officially registered as ELIJAH HOUSE MALAYSIA BHD.

The past 4 years we have tried to register as the above but was unsuccessful. This year God miraculously opened the door

6. December 2009 – Our First Mandarin Keys To Transformation Seminar

We limited the group to 17 participants because only 3 of our facilitators are fluent in the language. There were 3 pastors and one of the participants was originally from Kunming ( married to a Malaysian Pastor). Wow ! God is our Master Connector. They were so open and hungry to learn. They are requesting for the Basic School in Mandarin. This is one of the testimony from a participant.

‘After the first day of the seminar I asked my 6 years old daughter if there is anything she is unhappy with daddy. She was reluctant to share until I assured her that I will not be angry. I was so surprised that she was upset whenever I said “Shu…” to her ( that means keep quiet, don’t talk) when she came back from kindergarten and wanted to relate the happening of the day. Secondly I thought my daughter was very disciplined and obedient as she followed my instructions to watch TV only after she has finished her school work. Now I discovered that she was actually angry that I had no time to help her. Thus she would finished her homework quickly, packed her books and ran to the TV. She shared that all her friends’ daddy would actually sit beside her friends to guide them.  I realised I am like my father who had no time for us ( children). Though I am a pastor I am hurting my children in the same way.

Prayer Needs Of EH Malaysia 2010

  1. God will provide more facilitators as the ministry is expanding. We also need more who are fluent in Mandarin
  2. March – Healing Trauma Seminar by Sandra Sellmar in K.L. and Penang.
  3. Vision For China – In June we will be going to China again to conduct the Keys To Transformation Seminars in Mandarin and Basic 1 School to the English speaking participants. Kunming
    is the capital of the state of Yunnan which has the most ( 29) minority peoples group in China. Our prayer is that the Believers there can catch the vision and hopefully they can also help to
    translate the Keys To Transformation Seminar in their native language. There are many Malaysian missionaries in Kunming. One of them is back on furlong. I got to know her in Kunming. She is now
    attending my church. She is an intercessor and also a resourceful person She will help us to get a bigger place for our seminars in Kunming
  4. Next year, we hope to bring the EH ministry to Indonesia. Indonesian Language is similar to Malay (our national language). Again many of us are not fluent enough to teach or minister in
    Indonesian. Our strategy is to train the English speaking Indonesian to help them to reach their own people.

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