Keys To Transformation Seminar

Keys To Transformation Seminar consists of five DVD/Live teachings. The seminar aims to teach Biblical counseling principles and skills to enable:

  • People being reconciled with God our Father, with Jesus our Lord, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • People to be transformed through the renewing of the heart and mind; and breaking down of strongholds.
  • Restoration of marriages and reconciliation of parents to children and children to parents.
  • People to develop healthy relationships with others.

Topics covered in the seminar include:-

1. Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
God has written His fundamental laws into the universe from the beginning of time. They are absolute and eternal, and affect our lives as surely as the natural law of gravity affects our daily living. This lesson outlines the role of the Prayer Minister and the four major laws of God that Elijah House Prayer Ministry is based upon. There is a brief explanation how these major laws apply in our lives, and each law is then taught in greater depth during subsequent teaching sessions.

2. Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies
Bitter root judgments are powerful driving forces behind many recurring patterns of trouble and destruction in our lives. Discover how they work together with God’s unchangeable law of “sowing and reaping”resulting in us reaping in kind what we have sown. Learn also how bitter root expectancies, which operate on the psychological level, rob us of the abundant life Jesus came to give us.

3. Ministry Tools # 1 – The Simplest Tools
When is it time to ask questions, to listen, and to pray? This lesson offers practical instruction on how to trace fruit to root by integrating the interview process with emphatic listening and prayer.

4. Inner Vows
Inner vows are promises made to oneself early in life and then these vows or determinations are often forgotten. They act as directives that control our responses to situations and people around us. It is out of our inner vows that a “heart of stone” is formed. This is a powerful lesson, exposing the lie that we can protect ourselves from hurt by withdrawing inside, and hiding behind false protective mechanisms.

5. Foundational Lies
This lesson exposes the kind of messages we have believed about ourselves, others, God, or about life in general which are contrary to God’s Word and truth. This is a type of personal stronghold that have eclipsed our identity in Christ and silenced our ‘song’.

This seminar includes facilitated small groups whereby the participants have the opportunity to learn to minister and be ministered to.



  1. Admission Policy: Applicant has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour at least one year prior to this application, must be a member of a Christian church, participating in regular worship and preferably in church ministry.
  2. It is OBLIGATORY to attend ALL sessions on both days of the Seminar. We do not encourage you to sign up if you are unable to do so.
  3. Each training seminar is limited to only 40 participants, we do not accept walk-in registrations or allow substitution of participants.
  4. To register, please fill in application form.
  5. Upon registration, 2 Reference Forms will be sent to you for completion in support of your application.
  6. If accepted, applicants are required to confirm their places by making full payment to Elijah House Malaysia Bhd. Unconfirmed places may be given to another participant on the wait list.

Should the occasion arise to cancel, reschedule or postpone the seminar due to unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made to inform registered participants at the earliest possible opportunity.


Time: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

Cost:  RM150  – Inclusive of workbook, tea & lunch


  2019 – Ara Damansara, Selangor


4 & 5 January 2019 (Friday & Saturday) – FULL

25  & 26 January 2019 (Friday & Saturday) – FULL

8 & 9 November 2019 (Friday & Saturday)

Sign up by filling this Registration Form

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