Ingredients of Elijah House Ministry

There are several ingredients in ministry conducted at Elijah House, and imparted through our training, to facilitate the process of sanctification. All ingredients are grounded in Scripture and led of the Holy Spirit. At their center are these three, which call us to wholeness:

  • Repentance: exercising godly grief based on love for God and for those who have been wounded, resulting in real change.
  • Confession: bringing what has been held in secret to the light.
  • Forgiveness: releasing those who have hurt us to God, and asking Him to forgive us for our own sinful reactions.

It is by these three acts that we are reconciled to God and to one another. Christ’s work is complete, but God is still at work in our lives. True freedom requires first recognizing that many of today’s problems have their roots in our sinful responses to yesterday’s wounds and cannot easily be erased by fleshly efforts of good behavior.

For more in-depth information about sanctification and transformation, read John and Paula Sandford’s classic book, Transformation of the Inner Man.

Role of a Prayer Minister

Prayer ministers are “evangelists to the unbelieving areas of believers’ hearts.”

Their role in the healing process is to facilitate what the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish in each individual. Whenever possible, there are two people involved in ministry sessions. One is the lead Prayer Minister, while the second person is either an Intercessor, quietly praying throughout the session, or a facilitator or intern learning prayer ministry. We believe a two-by-two model offers the most accountability, training and benefit to all involved.

Our heart is to come alongside pastors and leaders; developing relationship, supporting and serving them in their congregations in any way that we can. Our aim is to serve the wider Church by providing teaching and training and small group prayer ministry led by an Elijah House-trained facilitators.

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