I Found My True Self

By Phua


“I found my true self after attending Elijah House. Praise God for his mercy and his love.”

I am married and I have two children. I came to Elijah House with a purpose, my wife and I wanted to seek inner healing through God’s way for a change in our life.

As a head of the family, I always ensured to provide everything to the family without fail.

At time goes by, I started to note that my children were not close to me and they don’t come to me for any advice when they encounter personal issue. My wife prompted to me that the children do not see a father figure in me and they are like lost sheep. The children can’t feel love from me and my wife told me that my heart is like a stone.

I started to feel disturbed and worried in my heart. My wife and I discussed that we have to change ourselves as it was affecting our children’s lives greatly and they also feel rejected.

My wife found out about Elijah House and we agreed to attend as a couple.

Through Elijah House, I was shocked to discover that I have so much shame in my life. From the teachings, I started to recognize the fruit of my shame. I confessed & repented of bitter root judgments toward others. I also asked God for forgiveness for those inner vows that I made.   I cast all my burdens to the Lord and I trust in Him.

Since then, I can see changes in my children. They are more responsive and obedient. We are able to communicate and hug each other! Something which we have lost long ago. My wife also can feel my heart again.

Praise the Lord and we will continue to seek him.

Thanks to Elijah House.

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