Ministry Goals

The Goals of Elijah House Prayer Ministry:

    • To provide a safe setting for building relationships, learning, and putting ministry into practice
    • To provide Scriptural foundation for Christ-centered Inner Healing (Sanctification and Transformation)
    • To offer students the opportunity to experience personal healing through small group ministry with their peers, and
    • To teach, model, and provide opportunity to practice ministry to one another according to the Word of God and in the power and sensitivity of Christ through the Holy Spirit

Elijah House is NOT an in-patient facility or crisis center.

Elijah House DOES NOT (nor is it equipped to) provide overnight or supervised care for mental illness, drug/alcohol addictions, suicide or other immediate crisis care situations.

Please note: The overall emphasis in our school is training people to do prayer ministry. While people attending a school may receive ministry as a result of the teaching and small group experience, the school is not designed for those with deep personal problems who are seeking help only for themselves.

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