Restoring Relationships

By A

In 2017, I enrolled myself in an Elijah House course because I was very tired of my bitterness towards my mom. I was also caught in this dilemma of both loving and hating her at the same time. I tried uncountable times to accept her with own effort, but deep in my heart, I knew it was ‘fake’ because I still judged her. But each time I saw her sharing up her issues with her friends, I felt relieved of my judgement.

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My Distant Father

By Choy Yen


I came from a troubled family, there was no love and peace. Many times, I just felt like running away.

Little did I realize that I had formed bitter root judgments against my parents. I judged mum for nagging and dad an angry man. As a result, I became just like them. After I repented, I realized that I stopped nagging and I rarely lose my temper.

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Assured of God’s Love

By Nancy Khong

God's love

Many participants, especially the men, didn’t know what they were in for on the first day of EH Residential 1 School.

When we all left, we left behind our bitter roots (derived from childhood), we realized the outcome of foundational lies (due to unmet needs which we also grew up with) which made up part of our personalities. It is also a healing ministry. It also teaches us to learn to talk heart to heart because God is a relational God – it is about connecting the heart, mind and soul. It teaches us how to honour one another through God’s eyes.

We leave with the assurance of God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I Found My True Self

By Phua


“I found my true self after attending Elijah House. Praise God for his mercy and his love.”

I am married and I have two children. I came to Elijah House with a purpose, my wife and I wanted to seek inner healing through God’s way for a change in our life.

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Trusting God for Inner Healing

By sunflower


I heard about Elijah House (EH) after I was saved in SIBKL in August 2008.  Upon hearing there will be sharing session within the small group, I felt ashamed to do so.

Through some encouragement and prayer and to cut the long story short, I finally signed up ‘Keys to Transformation on 7-8 November 2014 and learnt about foundational lies, inner vows and bitter fruit / root.

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